Testing Tips

Test Day Strategies

  • DO read the directions for all parts of the test carefully before you do anything else. Directions may change for different sections. If you have questions, ask them before the test begins.
  • DO read the test all the way through before starting. Look to see if the test gives away some answers.
  • DO plan on your time according to the length of the test.
  • DO answer the most difficult questions first.
  • DO re-read the directions after you finish making sure you did everything that was asked.
  • DO look over your answers to make sure that you haven’t made any silly mistakes.



Avoiding Test Anxiety

What is test anxiety?

  • Test anxiety is a worry or fear caused by having to take tests. Building your test-taking skills can help you reduce test anxiety.

How can I control test anxiety?

-Think positively! Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. For example, replace, “I could never study enough for this test” with “I have a lot to study, but I can do it!”

-Imagine yourself calm and in control.

-Eat healthy the day of the test.

-Use relaxation techniques like taking a long breath and breathing out slowly.