SS Updates
We had an awesome speaker from Nigeria come visit Rolland-Warner on Friday, May 17th!
Ask your student to tell you about what he had to say about expectations and responsibility.  He compared what a 7th grade child in his village would do on a typical day with what our students do. He shared his experience of coming to the United States in 1987 for the first time, the musical instruments and dance costumes the people of his village would use to get together and jam!
Students will be having a quiz this Tuesday, May 21st on Asia.  All students were given a study card last week to prepare for the quiz.   All study guides are in my Assignments folder on the opening page of my webpage.  We will continue with student presentations of their geography PPT projects this week also.  Then we will finish up our study of Eastern Hemisphere countries with Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, and the countries of Oceania.  Depending on timing, since we are now getting out on the 14th of June, there may or may not be a quiz on these last few chapters.
We will begin reviewing for our common assessment on Asia and the above listed countries the following week to take it the first week in June.