Careers & Technology 7
I am teaching this class during 2nd hour.  If your student is in this class, he/she should have received a class syllabus on the first day.  Please make sure you have reviewed and discussed this with your child, signed and returned it to school.

Every student in my class now has a private folder on our Rolland Warner student drive, in which they may save assignments from this or other classes.  They should not share their password information with other students so their work will not be compromised.  The only people who have access to their folder is the student and teachers who have access to the student drive.  

Each student should now be able to log on to the Moodle site ( where students will follow the Career and Technology curriculum modules for 7th grade.  They are given weekly assignments to work on daily and forum discussion questions to respond to each week.  Fridays are designated as Make-up days to complete any assignments or discussion posts.  Students are allowed to explore approved game sites if all their work is complete for the week.