Mrs. Jackowski's Saavy Sevens Social Studies
Hello!  I am Felicia Jackowski and I am VERY excited to have your 7th grade students in my Social Studies Class! This year I will be teaching five (5) classes of 7th Grade Core Social Studies, which I have been teaching since Rolland-Warner opened its doors in 2010.

We will have an exciting year learning World History, beginning with an introduction to history followed by exploring humans from pre-historic times all the way to 1500 AD/CE. Our world is becoming smaller and smaller, where global knowledge of other cultures and other languages are becoming critical. My goal is to share the world with your students to help them develop a tolerance and appreciation for others which will be enhanced with special projects and celebrations.

I am looking forward to a great year with your students!

Phone: (810) 538-2334 ext. 3328