Frequently Asked Questions: Scheduling
Q: What is zero hour?

A: Zero hour is a class that occurs before the school day. Some zero hour classes start at 8:00 at Rolland-Warner. PLTW zero hour classes start at 7:30 at CFI.

Q: Which students are eligible to take a zero hour class?

A: Currently, zero hour is only offered to PLTW students. PLTW is a 2 hour program and zero hour allows those students to take an elective course.

Q: What is PLTW?

A: Project Lead the Way is an advanced Science class that students take off site at the Center for Innovation.

Q: Can my student take PLTW in 7th grade if they didn't take it in 6th grade?

A: No, because PLTW is intended to be a 3 year program that builds upon itself, students will have missed important content by entering PLTW during it's second year.

Q: I think my student should be in more advanced classes, what should I do?

A: Listen and look for important information communicated home about advanced placement testing. Advanced placement testing occurs in the Spring and students need to take those tests in order to be considered for advanced classes.

Q: I think my 6th grade student should be in a Math class that is more advanced than Math 6 or Advanced Math 6, what should I do?

A: Data has shown that some students were missing important content by advancing far beyond their grade level in Math. The solution to the problem was to offer only Math 6 and Advanced Math 6 for incoming students. District professional development on differentiation will ensure that teachers are pushing advanced students to make sure that they aren't bored in class. In some cases students that are advanced far beyond their grade level, will be asked to take a placement test that may result in a placement beyond Math 6 or Advanced Math 6.

Q: My student didn't get the course or courses that they requested. What should I do?

A: You or your student may fill out a schedule change form. A counselor will meet with your student to discuss changes. Please note that all changes may not be possible due to scheduling parameters.